Pomelo Hair Tonic

Pomelo Hair Tonic


Product desciption

Derived from Vietnamese traditional pomelo peel oil and enriched with active ingredients like Xylishine, Baicapil, Vitamin B5, and Bisabolol, this hair tonic is formulated to address issues such as hair loss and breakage. It works to nourish the scalp and deliver essential moisture, promoting smoothness and softness in the hair.

Product Benefits

✓ Supplying essential nutrients and vitamins to promote hair growth, resulting in a thicker and stronger appearance.
✓ Demonstrating a reduction in hair loss within a span of 2 weeks.
✓ Enhancing the shine and strength of the hair.
✓ Repairing damaged hair, leading to a smoother and softer texture.
✓ Nourishing both the scalp and hair from the roots.
✓ Promoting a healthy scalp environment.
✓ Decreasing scalp irritation and inflammation.

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