Pomelo Hair Conditioner 310ml

Pomelo Hair Conditioner 310ml


Product desciption

Crafted through the harmonious blend of traditional Vietnamese pomelo oil, vitamin B5, and the moisturizing active ingredient Xylishine™, this nutrient-infused conditioning cream is designed to effectively minimize hair fall and impart a soft, weightless feel to strands, leaving the hair smooth and luminous post-use.

Suitable for all hair types, particularly beneficial for:

  • Thin hair prone to breakage.
  • Hair in need of nourishment for renewed thickness and strength
Product Benefits

✓ Abundant in antioxidants, providing nourishment and strength to the hair.
✓ Moisturizes and enhances the appearance of damaged hair.
✓ Xylishine™, a hair-smoothing ingredient, helps reduce frizz and enhances overall manageability.
✓ Repairs and fortifies hair, reducing susceptibility to damage.
✓ Leaves hair feeling soft, smooth, and shiny.

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