Winter Melon Serum N15 70ml

Winter Melon Serum N15 70ml


Product desciption

Crafted with a blend of winter melon, centella, and tea tree, our alcohol-free toner is meticulously formulated to restore skin equilibrium. This serum not only balances skin pH but also effectively regulates excess oil, cleanses pores, and enhances the overall condition of pimples.

The thoughtful combination of natural extracts and nourishing ingredients ensures a comprehensive approach to skincare, making this toner an ideal choice for achieving a well-balanced, moisturized, and visibly improved complexion.

Product Benefits

✓ Reduces swelling and inflammation, providing antioxidant protection against reactive species (ROS, RNS, RCS).

✓ Diminishes oily shine for a balanced complexion.

✓ Reinforces the skin’s protective barrier, promoting overall skin health.

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