Winter Melon Cleanser 140ml

Winter Melon Cleanser 140ml


Product desciption

Meticulously crafted with winter melon, centella, tea tree, and fortified with the goodness of vitamin B3, B5, and betaine, our pH 5.5 Winter Melon Cleanser is engineered for optimal performance. This formulation is specifically designed to efficiently eradicate dirt and excess oil, actively combatting the formation of pimples. It goes beyond mere cleansing by maintaining the skin’s natural moisture balance, ensuring a thorough purification process without leaving the skin feeling dry. The harmonious blend of natural extracts and essential vitamins in this cleanser contributes to a comprehensive skincare routine, leaving your skin refreshed, balanced, and resilient against the factors that contribute to pimple formation.

Product Benefits

✓ Deeply cleanses pores for a thorough clean.

✓ Controls excess oil secretion on the skin.

✓ Diminishes the occurrence of pimples, especially those that are not immediately visible.

✓ Preserves the skin’s natural smooth moisture, preventing dryness after use.

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