Rose Cleansing Oil 140ml

Rose Cleansing Oil 140ml


Product desciption

Rose Cleansing Oil is designed to effectively remove makeup, impurities, and excess sebum while preserving the skin’s natural moisture balance, leaving no unpleasant oily residue.

This system, activated upon contact with water, ensures easy rinsing without forming a cloudy appearance. The continuous 2-phase micro-emulsification system allows for use on both wet and dry skin, delivering a deep cleansing effect. This sets it apart from traditional makeup remover oils, which typically require dry skin application for optimal effectiveness.

Product Benefits
  •  Thoroughly cleanses makeup, impurities, and sebum.
  • Hydrates and promotes clean, soft skin without any lingering greasiness.
  • Utilizes BCME technology, establishing an invisible emulsification system.

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